2 and 5 Juice

This copycat of the 2 and 5 juice by Boost has been my ultimate perk-me-up. I can’t enough of it!

It’s more fondly known as the clear-the-fridge juice. I would throw in everything that needs eating up. Anything from pear, broccoli or kale stems to cucumber and the odd tomato. It also gives me an excuse to buy celery and beetroot, the two things I would otherwise rarely consume.

2 and 5 Juice
Makes: 1200ml/44oz
Serves: 4-6

4 navel oranges, peeled
4 large carrots, cored
3 apples, cut into fingers
1-2 stalks of celery
1/2 large beetroot or 1 small beetroot
1/2 cucumber, optional
one roma tomato, optional
a handful broccoli stems, optional
ice cubes

1. JUICE all ingredients. Marvel at the pretty colours. Give the juice a stir. Dilute if necessary. Best served chilled.


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