Garlic Bread

Making garlic bread is easier than ABC. If you’re capable of making a sandwich and using the oven, you can most certainly make garlic bread. Fresh and minus the preservatives that come in store-bought garlic bread.

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Roast Pork & Crispy Crackling

If anyone ever asks me why I will never become vegetarian, my answer will be “Pork.” Not the lean, boring bits though, but the succulent, tender bits marbled or sandwiched between soft, silky fat. Mmm!

One of the best ways to savour the goodness of pork is through a simple roast. Nothing pretentious. Just a slab of pork seasoned with salt and maybe a little bit of pepper. The highlight is of course the crackling. Perfectly crisp and crunchy with every bite.

The science behind good crackle is not astounding. Just dry skin, a little bit of oil and a decent amount of salt.
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Black Forest Cupcakes

On this third day of Christmas, as I sip my cold, green kale, pear and apple smoothie, I am serenaded by the melody of leaves rustling in the cool summer breeze. Finally, some quiet time! I may even have a dip in the ocean in a little while before hitting the yoga studio for a good burn and re-boot after all the wonderful Christmas feasts.

This year marks my second ever proper Christmas celebration – the kind that involves presents, christmas trees and delicious roast. To celebrate, I made a cracking juicy roast pork (recipe coming soon) and a batch of heavenly black forest cupcakes. They are extremely more-ish. You are first teased by the sweet, juicy cherry. Every bite that follows is delivered with a burst of cherries and cream, accompanied by the punch of brandy that is softened by the spongy, moist chocolate cake. Best part, your mates will think you have slaved all day making them but in fact, it had only taken you a good part of an hour.
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Macarons with Raspberry Ganache

I must admit, I don’t know whether to love or hate macarons. They’re overrated, overpriced and a complete bitch to make yet they deliver such an oh-so-joyous melt-in-your-mouth crunch.

I’m not going to lie and say they’re easy to make. They’re not, but they’re not that difficult either, just fiddly and time-consuming. I had to set aside most of my Sunday to make these for our office Christmas party. Talk about trying to impress!
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Strawberry Custard Tarts

I can’t help but replay the very first scene of ‘Nigella Lawson talks dirty‘ parody video on YouTube in my head when I think of tarts. The video begins with her saying, “I’ve never made any secret of the fact that I’m a complete tart.”

Her recent cocaine addiction scandal has lead to the resurfacing of this video. So I thought, why don’t I put my berry custard tart recipe to good use to cheer the occasion. It’s also a brilliant Christmas dessert for those seeking festive ideas. They can be topped with any type of berry. Strawberries, raspberries, cherries, blackberries, or however far your imagination goes.
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Apricot Bliss Balls

If you’re eternally hungry like me, I say, treat yourself to some guilt-free homemade apricot bliss balls. Your burgeoning waistline and dear wallet will thank you. Healthy-pants bliss balls are all the rage these days but they cost an arm and a leg when you buy ready-made ones from shops. $3.50 for a squishy little bite. No thank you.

For just about the same amount of money, you can make yourself over a dozen of these yummy little things. When the hunger pangs strike, just one or two apricot balls will hit the spot nicely for me. The healthy fats in the nuts and coconut oil will help sustain you for the hours to come.
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