Perfect Roast Chicken

There is nothing quite like a good roast meal. This week, I am making a mighty tasty roast chicken – crispy skin on the outside and sweet and tender flesh on the inside served with sweet, semi-caramalised carrots and crunchy potatoes. Oh, let’s not forget the gravy.
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Tangy Lemon Curd

The Boyfriend has a few things he’s incredibly particular about. One of them is lemon curd. He would only have his mum’s lemon curd. But located 14,000 km away from home, I was his next best bet. So, a year ago, he presented me with the challenge of making his mum’s lemon curd. Being the true Asian I was, I had not heard of lemon curd until then. What is this weird invention you speak of?

I took up the challenge anyway and it turns out lemon curd is just a really lemony butter spread that is AMAZING with crumpets and plain sponge cake. Some may agree it goes brilliantly well with toast and tarts but I’m not that partial to that.

Of several lemon curds I have tried, this one turns out to be my favourite as most are far too buttery and sweet for my liking. This particular recipe is tangy, yet not too sharp and not too sweet.

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Moroccan Lamb Meatballs

My idea of Moroccan food is about as vague as someone’s idea of Italian food being just pizza and Bolognese pasta.

Prior to watching Ottolenghi’s Mediterranean Feast, I had no real idea what Moroccan food comprises of. To be honest, until I pay a visit to Morocco, I probably still won’t have a great idea of what true Moroccan food is. That doesn’t stop me from experimenting though! Continue reading

Ginger Beef Stir Fry

I must admit, I don’t make a great Asian. I’m terrible at mathematics and much to my demise, I can’t kungfu the shit out of anyone. Ha.

I also suck at stir frying. In fact, what’s a good stir fry? I actually find it difficult to define what a good stir fry is as I am completely lost in all the different varieties and tastes they come in.

Home-cooked stir fries are remarkably different from take-aways and restaurant ones. Most families maintain a healthy approach at home so home-cooked stir fries are generally lighter in taste and nothing quite as greasy. It then begs the question, which stir fry is more authentic? I won’t even dwell on the stark contrast between western Asian stir fry and a true Asian stir fry.

Despite my dilemma, I can’t dispute the simplicity and tastiness of a good stir fry. The recipe I am sharing today is one of my favourite recipes. It requires minimal input yet delivers maximum hit-the-spot-goodness.
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Best ever blueberry muffins

I’ve always been fond of blueberries. There is something quite pleasant about the subtlety of its flavour. Growing up, I would only eat blueberry muffins, blueberry Danishes and cakes sandwiched or topped with blueberry. These days, I prefer frozen blueberries just on their own. They appease my sugar cravings without the guilt. But every so often, a blueberry muffin won’t go astray.

If you’ve been on a hunt for a delicious berry muffin, search no more. Even the best cafe berry muffins are barely on par with these muffins.
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Classic Victoria Sponge

I was inspired to bake this cake as ‘the boyfriend’ wanted something to remind him of his late grandma.  Apparently she was well known in the family for not being particularly generous with her cake slices; they would flop over when held up!  He asked me to bake her signature cake on the condition that he’d finally be allowed a bigger piece!
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Lemon Drizzle Cake

When life throws you a lemon or two, I say, make a moist, tangy lemon drizzle cake. Or a mighty tasty lemon curd. Don’t waste it on a tequila shot because that stuff is nasty.

For a long time, I had totally no confidence in my cake baking ability. My cakes rarely came out right. It was always either too dry, too sweet, too sunken, too eggy, you get the drift. I still doubt myself as baking can be a bloody fickle science. Until, I came across this recipe – Monica’s Lemon Cake. Lo and behold, perfect, moist and overly scrummy cake every. single. time! One word of caution, this cake may disappear sooner than you think.

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